¦¦¦ outfit challenge 2023

General / 11 January 2023

new year, new me

over the course of the year, I'll be creating an outfit each week for use with my 3D avatar(s) / OC.

¦¦¦ for those that don't know me, i primarily create for use on vr platforms, and i self-indulge making for my own alter-ego / character, etc, hence why a good chunk of my folio is based around one distinct model.

anyhow, the idea is: a constant challenge of different styled clothing to make from scratch, start to finish.

i've compiled a Notion database of concepts made by various talented artists on Artstation as a springboard. (everything has a link to the artist and the original work(s), please check them out, we are blessed that people openly share their art in this manner).

if you want to join in, you can copy this Notion page as a template into your own Notion workspace, etc, or if you want to nose on what i'm doing, feel free.

click me: Outfit Challenge 2023 - Notion

my progress and final works will be posted right here on AS.
the first is here: ¦¦¦ ofc-wk-1

much love, and a happy 2023,